Whilst watching “the Chase” yesterday, one of the quiz questions was “what is a bird that wanders off it’s migratory path called” 1 Wanderer, 2 Vagrant,3 Roamer. Of course the answer was Vagrant which, incidentally , the contestant answered incorrectly.

I had to scurry across the width of the country to find it. A farmer picked up a rare cuckoo on his place. Experts identified it as an adult dark morph Pallid Cuckoo. It was in the trees around his homestead and when I arrived, there was already another twitcher there and the bird was located instantly. Boom. Some of these trips can be a failure or “dip.”

But even so the trip was interesting and to a beautiful part of the country with Mount Taranaki as a backdrop. I would love to spend more time there.
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