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Trip to Subantarctic Islands

Subantarctic Islands Happily the weather was perfect for our Heritage trip to the Snares Islands, Auckland Islands, Campbell Island, Antipodes Islands and Bounty Islands. Rock

Fiordland September 2021

Fiordland Adventure September 2021 Our group of 9 enjoyed a 10 day excursion to deep in the Fiordland Sounds where we spent our time aboard


Chasing down a Rare Vagrant Bird.

Whilst watching “the Chase” yesterday, one of the quiz questions was “what is a bird that wanders off it’s migratory path called” 1 Wanderer, 2

Hunt for the Great Spotted Kiwi

We were keen to find this, most difficult of iconic Aotearoa birds. Leaving after dark we wound our way up a remote West Coast track


The first post on this site will be coming soon

Our World

It has taken us a while to get this blog up and running. It is important to realise the changes happening in the world and